Solid Starts was born out of necessity, to educate & support parents through the feeding journey. And so with a mission to raise happy, healthy kids, here at Catchy we knew that they were the perfect partner to endorse what we do. Solid Starts have given Catchy a big tick of approval, with their experts sharing why it is the ultimate tool for mealtimes.

Who is Solid Starts?

Solid Starts is the leading institution on how to introduce solid food to babies. Solid Starts is a multidisciplinary team made up of doctors, feeding therapists, dietitians, an allergist and researchers focused on providing evidence-based information on feeding babies and navigating picky eating in toddlerhood. 

Central to Solid Starts mission is their First Foods Database®, an award-winning database and app that provides parents and caregivers information on what foods are safe for babies, choking and allergen information, and how to cut and prepare them for the child’s age and eating ability.

Why they approve of Catchy

Babies who are allowed to self-feed from the start tap into their natural inherent motivation for exploring food, which translates into more curiosity and joy at the table down the road. But self-feeding can get messy, they will make mistakes–drop food, throw it, and knock it off the tray. This can be a big deterrent for some families who dislike the mess and feel like the food waste is too much. 

Catchy helps solve both of these problems, keeping food off the floor, which contains the mess and allows you to bring fallen food, cups and cutlery back to baby’s tray for continued eating and exploration. Catchy creates empowered and happy mealtimes for both parents and their children as they learn to self-feed, which we wholeheartedly support.

Solid Starts: Tips for happy mealtimes