Stokke Tripp Trapp Twin Catchy Bundle

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1 x CATCHY - The food and mess catcher for high chairs

Bundle and Save with the Stokke Tripp Trapp Twin Catchy Bundle. Which includes TWO Stokke Tripp Trapp catchy's.

The Catchy is a world-first food catcher! It has been expertly designed to make mealtimes a breeze for parents, and fun for your little one. Waterproof, durable and easy to clean, Catchy is made from a non-toxic material so you can safely re-offer dropped food to your little human, or pop it in a Silicone Bowl With Lid and in the fridge for another time. Say goodbye to constant cleaning, back-breaking, wasted food, and ruined floors. 

Save your food, save your floors and save your sanity with Catchy!

Customer Reviews

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Felicity Henry
This is a game changer!!

This has made our life so much easier! No longer having to get down and clean the entire floor below, we can just wipe out our catchy after each feeding. No more of our dogs eating foods that might upset their tummy's. It's been a game changer for our whole family, what an awesome invention! 👏🏻 Thank you!

James Smithson
Amazing - Worth Every Penny

This has changed our lives! No more bending down every 5 seconds and getting achey back! It was super easy to set up. Would recommend to other families!

Chee Yap
It's a must for your high chair

It saves my back. Very easy to clean and I don't have to keep bending to pick up toys and food.

Julie Laux
We LOVE our Abiie Catchy!

Starting solids, especially with baby led weaning can be SO MESSY! We knew we wanted to get the Abiie Beyond Highchair for many reasons, but we were bummed the Catchy wasn't compatible! We've been LOVING our Abiie Catchy since we got it recently and it makes meal times FUN again! Highly recommend for any parent. Fits perfectly on our Abiie chair and makes meal time clean up 3x per day a *breeze*

Rachel Stapley
Love our catchy

Such a simple idea but the best ones often are! I love our catchy- saves the floor and also waste so much less food as we can offer it back to our little one! Would definitely recommend.

Andrea Lara
My life changed with Catchy

I think there a life be for and after I got this. I was very overwhelmed about the cleaning I was doing g when I started introducing solids to my little baby. Then I got the Catchy and it has been a good helper with the messy meals. I highly recommend this.

Claire Moon
No more daily mopping!

Absolutely LOVE the catchy!!! Stops the mess reaching the floor, sending the dog crazy trying to lick it all up whilst also walking more mess throigh the house after stepping in it!! Also stops me having to mop way more than i should have to in a week 😆
Genius product and super easy to put together following the instructions!

Nikoleta Papadaki
Catchy from greece

Super convenient! Absolutely recommended!

Emily Adams
Saving my sanity

I love the catchy! I am a bit of a neat freak and try to let me little one explore his food in these early stages of starting solids and with the catchy I can let him play and still have a clean house! We keep a wet cloth in the catchy during his meals that I wipe down at the end of the meal and we are good to move onto the next activity. Highly recommend

Natalie Sierra
Worth every penny

Purchased our catchy for the IKEA antelope high chairs and are worth every penny. Saves so much time on clean up AND saves food from hitting the floor. Will totally recommend to all future expecting friends